Book a session: astro, consciousness or other

You can book a personal session with me. Due to the fact I have passed by duality and Oneness, my perspective comes form another point. What is rare. I use this perspective in all my sessions and gatherings.

Astrology birth chart session:  your unique chart, I look at what are your talents, what are points of learning, where is life directing you, how to function in relationships, how to become more balanced and use your uniqueness in a good way. You get insights, clarity, tools and in what direction to move forward and how.

Consciousness session: the starting point is your questions about your situation of the now and what is it that you are longing for.

Gatherings: sometimes I organize them or others organize them. If you want to gather a group and invite me, let me know. Several subjects are possible including Realization.  My own gatherings will be announced in the newsletter. Gatherings can be online or live.

Buying an unique piece of Art: if you want to buy my art, let me know which art piece and I will reserve it for you.

Contact Details

I speak English, German, French and Dutch

Astro session: 275,- euro
Consciousness session:  125,- euro
Piece of Art: contact me