Creation, Colours and Consciousness

My art:   to make your place, home extra complete,
enjoy the creation of colours and relax



I love to make art and am really enjoying the Beauty of colours. My art consists of structure, resin, crystals, gold and special stones. I make Art for walls in living rooms, meditation rooms, meeting rooms and so on.
A part of my time goes to making jewellery. That is fine and precise work. Every piece of jewellery is unique.>


“The Truth is a Pathless land” said Krishnamurti. Indeed it is. There is no Path towards it. No technique, exercise, nothing can bring you there. It is already here and everywhere. Many are looking and longing for “that”. “That” what they search is outside the perception of the “I”.

I call it the Land of No-One. That Land has the moment of the Now. The only moment what really IS.   Mystical wonderful and simple.


Who am I?
Seen from the Illusion my answer is I am a pioneer, author, artist and I like the smell of roses. Seen from outside or beyond the Illusion , my answer is, I am nobody, no one.
Through all what I do is woven my consciousness, what has ‘found’ Oneness and the Nothingness.
Experience: 25 years of giving personal sessions about consciousness, love and guidance. 11 years of working and leading a Heart Centre. Also guiding people in their last phase of life. All experiences have made me aware of enjoying life more.
I make and sell my own Art. I love colours and creating! My art consists of resin, crystals, colours and more. I love making something beautiful what people can enjoy in their own livingroom.

“”Woww Atar I really truly love your work. It is stunning! The colours are amazing so beautiful.”


“These are beautiful! So deep, they give me the sense that I could look at them forever.”

SUE from the UK

Enjoy the Beauty of Colours and Relax.

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Personal sessions by phone or live,  lectures,  gatherings in circle  and buying my art.
I speak English, German, French and Dutch.

Private session 1 hour  – Session by phone or live

Wanting to buy my art?  –  Let me know which one you like

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